Our founder’s story

Hi, I’m Lara

I started Apparently after my own experience of becoming a mum. My husband and I thought we were well prepared. We had read the books, prepped the nursery and attended antenatal classes. However, our son’s arrival absolutely floored us. Both my son and I had birth complications and combined with a few weeks of sleep deprivation it became a toxic mix physically, emotionally and mentally. I looked at my fellow new parents and saw everyone smiling for the newborn photos whilst desperately googling contradictory and sometimes dangerously incorrect advice. In modern times, there had to be another way.

I was lucky. A friend recommended some amazing women who swept in to help us through tongue-ties, reflux, stitches and pelvic floor issues, all through tears and lots of laughter. They didn’t judge, they listened, helping my baby and guiding me back to feeling like ‘me’ again. I quickly shared their details with my new parent friends and it opened our eyes to how little we had known about what help was out there.

Over many coffees we all discussed our problems and how they could have been sorted so much sooner had we known about this support. We hadn’t heard about women’s pelvic health physios and how they could significantly reduce the risk of incontinence, or trained lactation (breastfeeding) consultants who could help us with breastfeeding as well as bottle or combination feeding. We simply hadn’t known about these and many other services.

It seemed deeply unfair to me that women, new parents and their babies were struggling just because they didn’t know help was out there or who to trust. During my maternity leave I heavily researched this area and found a truly wonderful community of professionals who are deeply passionate about providing care, time and support across a whole spectrum of services. I’ve now given up my career in strategy consulting to build Apparently, to make sure that every parent is aware of and can find the support they may need.

I love hearing feedback from parents on what you need Apparently to become to best support you. Please get in touch on lara@apparentlykids.co.uk or find us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook @apparentlykids

Why we’re here

We are here to help parents find the trusted support
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It takes a village to raise a child – we are your village.

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You deserve quality, professional advice and support. We invest time to background check all our professionals to make sure they are:

✓ Fully certified and accredited with
relevant organisations

✓ Experienced for advice you can trust

✓ Recommended by other parents

Our founder, Lara Russell-Jones with her son

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