Can Reflexology really promote labour?

Answered by Catherine Crawley – Reflexologist

Reflexology can help to prepare for a natural labour and stimulate natural induction assuming the body is ready.

The days and weeks leading to childbirth can be quite stressful, the aim of Reflexology is to help create calm and space within, helping the body align to its natural rhythm. By promoting relaxation in both mind and body, Reflexology can naturally promote labour opening everything up and facilitating the natural flow of energy throughout all systems.

Mums-To-Be can start naturally preparing their body for birth with Reflexology from the second trimester to help create homeostasis within all systems, connect the mind and body, balance hormones, support the immune system, calm the nervous system and improve circulation throughout.

In the last stages of pregnancy, by stimulating specific pressure points in the feet, that correspond to specific areas in the endocrine, reproductive and nervous system, natural labour can be promoted. The pituitary gland is stimulated to facilitate the production of oxytocin to help bring on contractions, the adrenals are gently massaged to help combat stress and the uterus and ovaries are stimulated to naturally prepare for labour, all of course through the soles of the feet. The nerve roots to the pituitary gland and uterus will also be worked on to help bring on contractions and facilitate free flowing messages to the uterus.

Reflexology naturally provides the body with energy, endurance, space and a sense of balance during those last stages of pregnancy, helping the body to organically set itself into labour.