Help – my child is having a nose bleed. What do I do?

Answer by Sophie White – Norland Nanny, First Aid Trainer and founder of Raise Workshops.

It can be scary when your child has a nose bleed, however some simple steps should resolve the majority of cases.

When you first notice the nose bleed:

  1. Sit them down and ask them to lean forward
  2. Ask them to pinch the soft part of their nose
  3. Stay leaning forward and pinching the nose for 10 mins, then ask them to slowly release.


  • If the nose is still bleeding, repeat for 10 more minutes.
  • If the bleeding has stopped, your child can continue in their day, being careful not to blow their nose too hard or knock it.

What happens if it’s still bleeding?

If it’s still bleeding after the second 10 minutes, then it is time to seek some medical attention. Start by calling NHS 111 or your GP.

What else should I consider?

If you suspect the nose bleed was caused by a head injury, the blood might look a little watery. Always call an ambulance straight away if the nose bleed has been caused by a head injury.

If your child feels sick or faint, sit them on the floor instead of a chair to stop them falling if they faint.