How can I help my body to recover following child birth? Part 1 – Pelvic Floor Recovery

Video by Women’s Health Physio Lucy Allen, part of the Postpartum restorative series with the women’s well advocates The Form (@theformagency)

In this video Lucy talks you through some gentle pelvic floor exercises, hints and tips that you can do to help your pelvic floor to recover and strengthen following child birth.

Did you know that a woman’s pelvic floor weakens during pregnancy? This can lead to urinary or bowel incontinence as well as a feeling of vaginal pressure. Many women can find these physical symptoms frustrating or even emotionally traumatic. Helping to restore the strength in these muscles is very important to support a woman’s physical, emotional and wellbeing in herself after labour.

Lucy talks us through exactly how to do these exercises which can be started as soon as a few days after birth.