How can I help my body to recover following child birth? Part 3 – Improving posture and strength.

Video by Nathalie Clough, Founder of Nathalie Clough Pilates, part of the Postpartum restorative series with the women’s well advocates The Form (@theformagency).

We’ve been collaborating with the women’s wellness advocates at THE FORM to bring you a series on restorative postpartum (after birth) tips. Today we welcome Apparently Kids professional Nathalie to demonstrate a Pilates routine that will kick-start your body’s recovery. This routine will help to correct your posture and build your strength.

Remember, before undertaking any form of exercise after giving birth, you must be given the ‘ok’ from a postnatal professional. Here at Apparently, we recommend you see a women’s health physio (who is more specialised in this area than your GP). They will check your pelvic floor strength and that your tummy muscles are coming back together correctly. They can provide bespoke exercises to support your stage of recovery.