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We highly recommend this service in the first few days after birth to all breastfeeding mums. Lactation Consultants assist mums who may be experiencing pain during nursing, latching difficulties, low milk production or babies not gaining sufficient weight. All our lactation consultants have undergone significant training and assessments to become IBCLC's (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant). Many of our professionals can also assess and perform procedures for tongue-tie's. A tongue-tie is where the piece of skin connecting the baby's tongue to the base of their mouth is shorter, tighter or thicker than usual, effectively tethering their tongue and making it difficult to move freely. Some baby’s are unaffected by the tongue-tie, but others may have difficulty breastfeeding and swallowing.

Sharon George

Sharon is an IBCLC registered Lactation Consultant who works across London for home and hospital consults.
Phone and videocall consults also readily available.

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Siobhan Pearce

Siobhan is an IBCLC (breastfeeding consultant) who works across South West London and North Surrey.
At home or hospital visits available.

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Judith Brenner

Judith Brenner is an IBCLC Lactation Consultant with 20 years experience supporting breastfeeding families. She visits parents at home and in hospitals across South West London and is also happy to do online consultations, offering kindness and support to empower breastfeeding confidence. Judith is also an artist.

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Anne & Madou – Midwife on Tap

Madou and Anne are London-based midwives providing bespoke one-to-one postnatal care virtually and at home.

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