Amber-Rose Soan

Amber-Rose founded The Content Child to offer a Childcare Consultancy that provides parents with a more flexible and affordable service.
As a qualified maternity nurse, private nanny and a mother, she brings over 10 years expertise and real life experience to families looking for advice and support.

Whether you’re struggling with sleepless nights, a fussy child who won’t eat, can’t find a routine that works for your family or don’t know how to approach potty training, I’m here to help.

By addressing your child’s specific needs, we can work together to get you feeling confident as a parent, with the aim of having happy, healthy, content children.

Consultations can be provided over WhatsApp, over the phone/ FaceTime or in person depending on what works for you!

My support and guidance covers:

  • Postpartum Care & Support
  • Breast & Bottle Feeding
  • Sleeping
  • Creating & Implementing Routines
  • Weaning
  • Creating Healthy Eating Habits
  • Teething
  • Behaviour Management/ Tantrums
  • Potty Training
  • Preparing for Siblings/ Sibling Rivalry
  • Travelling with Children


Parent Workshops

Whatsapp Consultation

Designed for parents who need quick, practical advice without having to put aside time to answer the phone.
• Comprehensive Plan Customised To Your Family's Needs, provided over WhatsApp/ Text Message/ Email
• Follow Up WhatsApp/ Text Message/ Email Support For One Week


Phone Consultation

Designed for a more personal touch, either via the Phone or FaceTime.
• One Hour Phone Call/ FaceTime Consultation
• Comprehensive Plan Customised To Your Family's Needs​
• Follow up Whatsapp/ Text Message/ Email Support For Two Weeks


Home Consultation

Designed for a hands on approach within the comfort of your own home, enabling me to get a better feel for the situation and to meet your little one.
• One Home Visit For Up To Two Hours
• Comprehensive Plan Customised To Your Family's Needs
• One Hour Follow Up Phone Call/ FaceTime
• Follow Up Whatsapp/ Text Message/ Email Support For Two Weeks

From £350 (dependant on location)

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