Anne & Madou – Midwife on Tap

Madou and Anne are London-based midwives providing bespoke one-to-one postnatal care virtually and at home.

To prepare you in becoming parents, we provide antenatal consultations, empowerment through education and postnatal care for up to 28 days following birth.

Our background expands to all areas of maternity care including pregnancy, childbirth, and the postnatal period, in both hospital and home settings. We truly believe in the magic of birth and our combined experiences have led to the creation of Midwife On Tap where they can share their dedication to truly excellent postnatal care.

“Madou and Anne are absolutely amazing and I so appreciate the support you showed me. What a dream team you two are!” -Simone

Postnatal Care - One to One Virtual or Face to Face

Postnatal Care - One to One Virtual or Face to Face

1) Initial Face-to-Face Consultation.
2) Create a Postnatal Care Plan.
3) Postnatal Care at Home.

An hour-long appointment where we get to meet you for the very first time, discuss what your needs are for the postnatal period and how we can facilitate a supportive partnership. There is often a lot of focus on birth plans and childbirth in pregnancy. We feel that it is equally important to devote time to having open, honest, and enriching conversations around the expectations and realities of becoming a parent. During this second consultation, we support you in creating a bespoke Postnatal Care Plan to prepare you for the first 72 hours following the birth of your baby. Once home with your newborn, we are dedicated to supporting you navigate parenthood by offering 8 midwifery home visits for up to 28 days.

The first discovery session is free. Postnatal Care at home starts at £65 per hour. Our complete 10-hour package including Postnatal Care Plan - £500.​All sessions are one to one