Camilla Pretorius

Camilla is a sleep consultant based in South London.

With a background in Psychology and Marketing, I have always wanted to help people change their lives for the better, but I wasn’t sure in what way. Then I had my son. He is the reason I am doing my life’s work. I moved into this career because I am hugely passionate about helping others who are going through what I went through.

My little boy was born with laryngomalacia (a ‘floppy larynx’). He also had reflux and as a result was sick a lot of the time. He catnapped all day and all-night long, never sleeping for long stretches, no matter what my husband and I tried.

He woke up every hour. Every. Single. Night…For a year!

Working with a sleep consultant TRANSFORMED all our lives. We solved his sleep issues within a week, and he has since been sleeping 12 hours a night.

He gets ill less, he is even more chirpy than before, we enjoy our time together more, and my husband and I have our quality time back in the evenings. We have all felt so many positive effects from just a few hard nights in the beginning.

Now, I want YOU to feel how life changing this can be and to show you how quickly you will see results.

I work closely with you to create a bespoke plan suited to your child’s needs and then teach you gentle ways to help them to fall asleep on their own (and stay asleep for longer than 45mins)!

Do get in touch if you have a baby or toddler that struggles to nap peacefully or wakes a lot during the night and leaves you feeling exhausted.

The expert skills and support I can provide you with in order to get you through the important steps towards your baby or child learning independent sleep skills, have lifelong positive repercussions for you and your family.

It’s been said that “it takes a village to raise a family”…

Well, being a South African living in London, I also understand what it’s like to not have the support of close family nearby to alleviate some of the pressures of being a new Mum. I want to be that ‘village’ for parents, everywhere.

Sleep Consultant

One-to-One Sleep Solutions package - 2 weeks

This is the most popular package, and consists of:

• A preliminary evaluation. This is a comprehensive questionnaire about your child’s sleep habits and routines that you’ll fill out prior to our meeting.
• A 90 minute consultation in the comfort of your own home, or via Zoom, where we’ll discuss strategies, troubleshoot possible problems and learn how to address your child's sleep issues.
• A detailed, fully customized sleep plan, that I will prepare for you after the conclusion of our meeting.
• 4 follow-up telephone calls during the first week following the consultation.
• 1 week of e-mail support thereafter.

£250 for an infant, £275 for a child in a bed

The Refresher Package

It is not uncommon for babies and toddlers who have been taught to be great sleepers to ‘test the boundaries’ from time to time. This option is for parents who have met with me in the past, but are looking for a ‘refresher’.
• A 60 minute consultation, usually by phone or Zoom, during which we’ll discuss any particular challenges you are having with your child.
• Optional 2x follow-up emails that you can use to send me any additional questions that might come up as you get things back on track.


The Overnight Package

This personal support package is for those who want me at your home for assistance on the night you choose to implement the program. This consists of:

• A preliminary evaluation This is a comprehensive questionnaire about your child’s sleep habits and routines that you’ll complete prior to our meeting. (Having this information in advance helps us make the most of our time together.)
• 15 minute phone consultation to discuss details of the overnight support- time, requirements etc.
• Private in-Home/Overnight Support I will join you prior to your child’s recommended bedtime and stay overnight until 7:00 am the next morning. The consultation will take place in the comfort of your home and we will begin your journey to great sleep together.
• A detailed, fully customised sleep plan. This will be prepared for you after our consultation and after the nights stay so you have your own personalised plan to help guide you through the upcoming nights.
• Four follow-up telephone calls for the first week following the consultation. We’ll use this time to deal with any setbacks you might be having or answer any general questions.
• One week of email support

£850 within the London area. Further distances can be accommodated for an additional cost - please call for details.