Charlotte Macfarlane

Charlotte offers personal training online or face to face in and around the Wimbledon area. Charlotte specialises in pre and postnatal training.

I have worked in the fitness industry as a qualified PT for over 5 years. I have recently returned to the UK after working and living in Singapore, during this time I built up a loyal and strong client base, working face to face as well as online. 

My focus in this industry is to work directly with my client’s needs. As a mother of two, I understand that the work/life balance is a juggling act and therefore my aim is to help them achieve their goals despite life’s challenges getting in the way. My emphasis is on form, alignment and balance in all movement, having the basics of these things will stand anyone in good stead to achieve more now and in later life. 

As a pre and post natal trainer, I love working with mums to be and new mums and can empathise on how difficult things can feel when it comes to continuing or returning to exercise whilst pregnant or postpartum. My passion lies with empowering women to move with confidence through every stage of their pregnancy and to help anyone wanting to improve their health, strength and body composition.

Pre and Post Natal Personal Training

Personal Training- In person

Individual £50 Groups of 2 £80 / Group of 3 or more +- £100

Personal Training - Online

Individual £40/ Groups of 2 £70/ Groups of 3 or more +- £90

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