Clare Pacey

Clare is a specialist physiotherapist in Pelvic and Women's Health. Her core practice centres on treating clients in their own homes, or she additionally practice's from at Complete Physio in Chelsea. She can also offer telephone and Skype consultations.

I am a Specialist Physiotherapist in Pelvic and Women’s Health. Through collaboration, I provide highly bespoke care and have an evidence-based approach to diagnosis and treatment. I enjoy using my expertise to support women of all ages, with a particular focus on pregnancy and postpartum. I have worked at London’s leading teaching hospitals, including King’s College, Imperial College and St. George’s, as well as the prestigious Lindo Wing and Portland Hospital.



Antenatal consultation - obtaining a baseline and preparing for your birth and beyond
Postnatal consultation - assessment of pelvis, tummy, pelvic floor and creating a tailored rehab programme
Pelvic girdle pain/ SPD / back pain / coccyx pain
Pelvic floor weakness and dysfunction
Women’s health check up
Prolapse and Pessary fitting
Bladder conditions such as stress or urge urinary incontinence or emptying difficulties
Bowel disorders such as constipation, incontinence, urgency, difficulty emptying
Sexual dysfunction such as pain or reduced awareness
Scar massage following perineal tear, episiotomy, post caesarean delivery
Pelvic or vaginal pain
Treatment of Diastasis Rectus Abdominis

Prices for above: Initial consult 60 minutes £150. Follow up consult 30 minutes £75. Home visit £150. Telephone / Skype consult £45 per half hour.

Mother-to-be Package

This includes an antenatal consultation and a bespoke pregnancy massage ( both 60 minutes)


New Mother Package

This includes a post natal consultation and a manual or rehabilitation follow up session (as advised by Clare. Both 60 minutes)


Motherhood Package

This includes an antenatal consultation, postnatal consultation and pregnancy massage ( all 60 minutes)


Ongoing email support