Emma Hammett – First aid for life

First Aid for Life offer practical courses for groups throughout the UK and open courses for individuals in London. Online first aid courses are available worldwide.

Emma Hammett is a qualified nurse and award-winning first aid trainer with over 30 years’ healthcare and teaching experience. Emma founded First Aid for Life prompted by the need for top-quality first aid training, taught by knowledgeable medical and emergency services professionals.

Emma has published multiple books and is an acknowledged First Aid expert and authority on accident prevention, health and first aid. She writes as first aid expert for numerous online and print publications including the Nursing Times, British Dental Journal, British Journal of School Nursing, Huffington Post, Baby London, Little London, Early Years Child Carers, multiple newspapers and regularly features on the radio and on TV.

First Aid for Life trainers are highly experienced medical, health and emergency services professionals who will tailor practical training to your needs. We are first aid experts who specialise in paediatric first aid and run training throughout the UK.

We also have comprehensive multi-award-winning online first aid courses available that are ideal for you to learn these vital skills in short bursts when it suits you. You can stop and start as often as you like and have full access for an entire year.

Infant First Aid

First Aid for Babies and Toddlers

Pricing from £45pp - please contact Emma for further details

Ofsted 12 hour blended full paediatric first aid for nannies

Pricing from £45pp - please contact Emma for further details

Short first aid courses for parents and grandparents

Pricing from £45pp - please contact Emma for further details

Additional range of regulated first aid courses for groups and individuals.

Pricing from £45pp - please contact Emma for further details