Laura Bartle

I am a pre and post natal yoga and hypnobirthing teacher based in Wandsworth. I am passionate about helping both expectant and new parents to feel calm, confident and empowered on their journey whatever their circumstances. I can offer my expertise either on an individual one-to-one basis or as part of a group.

I  was drawn into yoga as a teenager and have been practicing for many years. I have been teaching for over four years now.

I believe that yoga can be beneficial to everybody, we focus on working to your own individual strengths, encourage you to listen to your body and show kindness towards yourself. 


On a physical level, my classes aim to help develop awareness of your body, improve flexibility and range of movement whilst working on stability and strength. It is this focus on our breath and our bodies that helps us to quieten the mind and prepare for meditation/relaxation. You can come away from my class feeling rejuvenated and energised, whilst at the same time feel more relaxed and grounded. 

My teachings have influences from many different branches of yoga including scaravelli, vinyasa flow, yin and restorative. 

Pregnancy and post natal yoga have really become my passion. Some of my mums started with me at the very beginning of their journey when pregnant and it has been such  joy to meet their babies and see them grow up.

My postnatal classes are especially designed for the postnatal period. Suitable from 6 week GP check or when you are given the ok to resume exercise. Safe for those with abdominal separation and safe for the hormonal changes that affect our joints/muscles and ligaments post pregnancy. We focus on strengthening areas that may have weakened during pregnancy and those muscles we will need for looking after a little one. We open tight areas and use breathing/relaxation techniques to help us feel a bit more human again. It’s also an excellent way to connect with other mums and babies.


My pregnancy classes are geared towards helping expectant mums stay strong, mobile and relaxed during this special time. Regular pregnancy yoga practices not only helps to promote a peaceful and healthy pregnancy, it can help you to prepare for labour and birth. It is well known that the hormone we produce when we are doing something we enjoy and something that soothes us, oxytocin, can help promote wellbeing for mum and baby. It is also the hormone our ‘birth muscles’ need to work more efficiently and comfortably for when the big day arrives. Every pregnancy is different so I aim to support you as best I can whatever your circumstances. I also use knowledge and techniques I have gained with my diploma in Hypnobirthing to compliment these sessions.