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Marvellous Mammas was founded by Christina Johnson a Health Psychologist focusing on maternal and infant mental health. Christina also works as a doula and maternity nurse and is a member of Doula UK.

Christina founded Marvellous Mammas as she is passionate about supporting positive mental health and wellbeing for all women, babies and their partners. She wants to ensure these services are delivered with compassion and kindness and set up her agency to equally support the talented and dedicated individuals who help new families at these incredibly important times so they also receive guidance, support and love to enable them to give the very best of themselves.

Christina has worked in the field of mental health for thirty years both in the NHS, The Prison Service, The Probation Service, in Community Mental Health Teams, in Pupil Referral Units, Mentoring Projects for Young People at Risk and in GP Surgeries. Whilst working as a research Psychologist at The Institute of Psychiatry her papers on Care in the Community for those living with severe mental health problems were published. For the last ten years she has worked in the field of antenatal, birth and  postnatal services.



Mental Health Support


Birth Doula

Postnatal Doula

Baby Massage

Family Mental Health and Birth Trauma Counselling

Christina offers counselling support from her private practice in Marylebone, W1 London. She blends her considerable training in the field of mental health with her experience of supporting hundreds of parents through pregnancy, birth and beyond in London and across the world.

MarvellousMammas believes strongly in support around mental health and wellbeing for parents at all stages of the journey. For some this support is important whilst they prepare to conceive, others during the pregnancy and for others once the baby arrives.

Sadly for some parents there will be issues of poor health, birth trauma, loss, disability and illness to come to terms with. For other parents they maybe an extended stay in NICU or invasive treatments to deal with.

We are here to hold you up in times of sadness and celebrate with you in times of joy. Christina can offer you a face to face appointment at her private practice in Marylebone W1 or online support.

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Hypnobirthing 8hr course

Prepare well for the birth of your baby or babies with our 8-hour course. We can provide a bespoke antenatal package to you either online, or when permitted in the comfort of your own home. We also teach groups of parents who are expecting a baby around a similar time to you. This is a wonderful way to make friends which is so helpful as you become parents especially the first time around.

We offer KG Hypnobirthing classes as taught by Katherine Graves or the Gentle Birth Method as taught by Gowri Motha. Christina has trained with both Katherine and Gowri. These classes can be offered online, on a private one to one basis or in Marylebone W1.

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Birth Doula

Christina has supported births across London and can support both hospital and homebirths and this includes planned C sections. She offers three birth packages which all include birth preparation for you and your partner, four weeks of on call to supports you as you wait for the arrival of your baby, attendance at the birth including settling you and your baby onto the postnatal ward if you birth in the hospital, and visits after the birth.

The birth of your baby will be a memory that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Having the gentle support, encouragement and access to evidence based research can be a huge support to you. There are many benefits of having a birth doula which include a quicker birth, less interventions and improved rates of breastfeeding.

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Postnatal Support

MarvellousMamas can offer you postnatal doula support at your home after the birth of your baby or babies. The package of support is tailored to your needs which includes the number of hours, days or number of weeks. A postnatal doula will spend between four and eight hours a day with you, for up to five days a week till your baby is twelve weeks old.

The role of the postnatal doula is to ensure the mother recovers physically and emotionally from the birth, is helped with breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, has time to rest and be nurtured with home cooked, healthy food ,is supported to attend appointments, has support at innoculations, has time to process the birth and the transition to becoming a new mother. A postnatal doula can also help with light housekeeping, running errands and walking the dog. We want you to have all the support you need and deserve at what can be a vulnerable time for new mothers.

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Baby Massage

Baby Massage is a wonderful way to bond with your baby and brings a host of positive benefits to your baby or babies and to the person giving the massage.

Baby massage can also be a wonderful addition to your bedtime routine and can help with unsettled, colicky or babies with digestion issues. We can also teach you ways to help with teething, tummy troubles and more.

Classes are held weekly and you can also book an individual class for you and your friends at your home.

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