Paula Ripol Meya

Paula is a hypnobirthing instructor currently offering all her courses online. When they're able to resume, in-person courses run across South West London including SW17, SW16, SW19, SW12, SW10 & SW11.

After having prepared a hypnobirth and given birth to my first baby at home, I became fascinated with birth and the power of the woman’s body. I’m now a qualified Katherine Graves (KG) Hypnobirthing teacher (details below) and I love teaching hypnobirthing to couples and empowering them for birth.

I believe you become a parent long before the day you give birth to, and meet, your baby. There is huge value in investing time to prepare mentally and physically for that special day to make sure your birth goes as well as possible. Your baby, you and your partner deserve a good birth experience. Make a great start to parenthood by being informed about the choices you might need to make and prepared for what is to come.

Skeptical about the ‘hypno’ part of the word? Whilst hypnobirthing is rooted in the discipline of hypnotherapy, the reality is completely different from stage hypnosis that might first spring to mind. The KGH method uses the power of suggestion to replace fear for positive thoughts, giving you the confidence to birth your baby. Your birth partner is encouraged to attend so that he/she is best placed to support you during birth.

Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing is a system designed to help expectant mothers let go of their fears and build confidence in the natural process of birth. It achieves this through practicing relaxation techniques and asking questions about your care and options when giving birth. Regardless of your preferred birth option, hypnobirthing will help both before and during giving birth. The course is recognised by the Royal College of Midwives.


Full Hypnobirthing course

Group Sessions - £265
A 10-hour course over four weekday evenings or an intensive weekend with the advantage of meeting other local couples.
Courses run at The Trafalgar Arms in Tooting and The Living Room Place in Furzedown / Streatham. Check-out all of the upcoming groups available.

Private Sessions - £395
10 hours of individual classes in person or via Zoom that can fit flexibly into your schedule.
These are perfect for busy parents that want a more personalised approach or based outside London. These classes can be in English, Spanish or Catalan.


Hypnobirthing essentials

This is designed for mums who are at the end of their pregnancy or have attended an antenatal course such as NCT or Bump and Baby. This is a 5-hour course divided in 2 sessions.


Refresher course

For couples that have done the course already in the past and want to refresh their memory for a new pregnancy. This is a 2.5-hour course done in 1 session.


'Positive Birthing during COVID-19' Digital Pack

This practical course uses key concepts and techniques from hypnobirthing to give you the best possible birth experience through removing fears and addressing any anxieties you might have about giving birth during COVID-19. It enables you to have a positive mindset and the practical tools to have a positive experience.