Rachael Wilson

I am a gentle and holistic paediatric sleep consultant specialising in newborns to 4 years old. I help parents bring a peaceful nights sleep with calm, relaxation and the knowledge and confidence that their child will sleep peacefully!

I am a mum of two under 6 and have 20 years experience working as a nanny with families around the world. I became a qualified paediatric sleep consultant after realising family sleep was not only an extremely important part of family life to function at your best both day and night but also a passion of mine after I had my first baby!

Sleep deprivation effects all part of ones life from physical, emotional, mental and personal relationships. Having worked with many families around the world that have been affected by severe lack of sleep and offering my help they were able to gain a life back they they not only enjoyed but thought was never possible.

Becoming a parent is a wonderful experience but can be hard, and when there is a lack of sleep in the home it is even harder.


I will listen to your sleep challenges, understand fully what is going on by having an in depth consultation with you, discussing all areas that affects your child’s sleep and I will suggest only gentle methods that suit your parenting style and your child’s temperament. I will never suggest to leave you child to cry all night long.

A full sleep report specifically tailored to your family will be emailed to you following the consultation and I am on unlimited text support and/or phone support for 2 weeks or more depending on the package you choose to help you through the journey of sleep deprived to sleeping well and keep you on the right track daily!

I look forward to helping you through this journey soon,





Paediatric Sleep Consultant

Bringing Baby Home

Perfect for expectant parents or during the 4th trimester.

This program is 1-1.5 hours. We will discuss all things newborn sleep related such as:

Analysis of your sleep diary and sleep questionnaire prior to consultation

* Sleep expectations up to 16 weeks
* How best to set up the nursery for sleep
* Sleep habits and sleep cues
* Sleep hormones and how they affect sleep
* Parental sleep and coping with exhaustion
* Dummy/sling/swaddling/white noise
* The Sleep Cycle and awake windows
* Introducing a bottle (formula or breastmilk)
* Gentle methods to help support your baby to sleep
* Top tips for newborns

All this information will be emailed to you in a report and I will be on hand for 2 weeks unlimited text support to answer your questions along the way. Additional phone call support is also an option.

£180 2 week unlimited text support OR Unlimited text support and 4 phone calls support £220

Sleep Consultation

Designed for babies from 18 weeks to 2 years

Analysis of sleep diary and sleep questionnaire

• Tailored sleep plan emailed to you
• 2 weeks of unlimited text support to answer your questions and advise accordingly
• One 15 minute review and wrap up phone call at end of the 2 weeks. Advice for going forward

• During our 60-90 minute zoom consultation we discuss our child’s sleep issues and your goals in depth.
• I will talk you through the science of sleep and explain about nap timings, routines, sleep cycle and more.
• I will also talk to you about food and how this can effect sleep.
• We will discuss different sleep shaping methods suited to your parenting style and your child’s temperament.
• We will put a plan in place to teach independent sleep skills including a routine for day and night.

Option 1 £180 Additional 4 phone calls as well as Unlimited text £220

Save My Sleep Phone Call

This is a 30 minute call perfect for a refresh on your sleep plan or if sleep has gone a little bit of track! Perhaps it is a regression, teething, holiday or perhaps a new member joining the family.

2 days inclusive text support

This call will not include n depth methods or a sleep plan


Upgrade Options

Longer term support may be helpful for new parents to guide you through the first 6 months. Whatever age you child is you may want to have the comfort of knowing you can get in touch with me regulary.

1, 3 or 6 month options available

Please contact me for more information on what is included in each package as it varies from text, email and phone call support.

1 month £149 / 3 months £295 / 6 months £395

Gift Voucher

Perfect for a baby shower gift or a very exhausted family!

Available in any denomination.


Toddler Bedtime Package

Designed specifically for toddlers aged 2 - 4 years.

This package is for you if any of this sounds familiar to you…

Day time routine is sorted, your child may or may not sleep all night independently in their own room. They may be waking in the night, or your toddler is waking multiple times and needing you...

• Bedtime battles are common, your child needs you to be with them every night until they fall asleep.
• They are pushing the boundaries and bedtime is turning in to a long hour or more battle
* They are waking in the night and looking for your attention
• Perhaps asking for multiple stories, making 100 excuses to get out of bed, perhaps they are looking for “one more kiss… one more

If you would like to see bedtimes a lot calmer and smoother with a happy toddler falling asleep after a couple of stories and a cosy kiss and cuddle then this package is for you.

Option 1 Unlimited text support £180 / Option 2 Unlimited text support AND 4 phone calls