Sarah Weir

Sarah co-ordinates The South West London Postnatal Counselling Service which provides counselling and psychotherapy to parents, from pregnancy through to all stages of parenthood.

We support parents with children of all ages and stages. Our aim is to empower you to be the parent that you want to be and help you to understand what can get in the way at times. Therapy can provide a safe and confidential space to help you make sense of how you’re feeling.

The service is co-ordinated by Sarah Weir, Registered Member BACP (Senior Accredited) who has worked as a therapist for over twenty two years. Sarah has worked in a wide range of settings, in community mental health, in women’s therapy centres running groups for people who have experienced early trauma and she has also worked in higher education for the last eighteen years, where she sees young students with severe mental health difficulties and supervises a team of therapists. Sarah set up the South West London Postnatal Counselling Service ten years ago and is passionate about providing emotional support to parents throughout all the ages and stages of childhood.

The service has a network of psychodynamic psychotherapists, each with in-depth training and experience in this area, which includes knowledge of attachment theory, trauma, parenting and family dynamics. We also provide training to therapy training institutions such as Westminster Pastoral Foundation.  As a team we passionately believe that the right support can make all the difference.

As a service we recognise that becoming a parent is a major transition and can evoke a turbulent mixture of feelings. Even when things go well, it takes time to adjust to the way that life changes. As something is gained, many other things have to be given up. Babies and young children demand all of your attention and this can be difficult and intense, in addition to being very rewarding. You might not feel the way that you expected to feel. Your relationship with your yourself and with your partner may undergo a dramatic shift.  We aim to create a safe space to explore these feelings so you can develop your sense that you are good enough as a parent.

In addition we also provide support to parents experiencing:

* Postnatal depression or anxiety
* Birth trauma or fear of birth
* Parenting Difficulties
* Relationship Difficulties
* Difficulties with bonding or attachment

The first step is usually a talk on the phone to talk through what you’d like help with.  Following that, we will arrange an initial consultation with one of our therapists and this is an opportunity to explore how therapy can potentially help you.  We work both short term and long term, depending on what each person needs.

During the pandemic we have been offering video sessions via Zoom.  We have found that in many ways this increases the accessibility of the service for parents and will continue to offer a range of Zoom and Face to Face sessions depending on individual need.