What is the ‘Webster Technique’?

Answer by Dr Ami-Bree Said – Chiropractor with a focus on paediatrics and pregnancy. She is Webster Certified.

You may have heard this ‘buzz word’ from your midwife, or come across the term if your baby happens to be in a breech position – but what does it mean?

Webster technique is a specific sacral (base of your spine) analysis and chiropractic adjustment that restores balance and neuro-biomechanical (nerve system) function to the pelvis. Misalignment of the pelvis may impact:

  • tension in the pelvic floor and uterine muscles,
  • the space available for baby to move and find the best position; and,
  • the ability of the pelvis to open as baby makes its way through the birth canal.

The Webster technique uses small adjustments and massages to gently correct any sacral misalignment and enable the pelvis to spread with the growing baby, which may relieve tension in the pelvic floor uterine ligaments. This adjustment involves no external forces on the baby directly, and it is very comfortable and extremely safe.

Webster technique does not ‘turn your baby’, it simply allows your body to be in the best position that it can be. Remember, symptoms are a sign of dysfunction and just because something is ‘common during pregnancy’ does not mean that it is normal!

In my opinion, pregnancy is arguably the most important time to be getting adjusted. A pregnant woman’s body is about to spend the next nine months growing a baby; there are postural changes associated with a growing bump, hormone changes that ‘loosen’ off ligaments (which can lead to pelvic instability) as well as a host of muscles that must work harder to offset the ligament laxity.

When is it best to start the Webster Technique?

Women commonly present to my office in the last few weeks of pregnancy to ‘ensure that their body is in a good position. While it is great to get checked before birth, it is important to remember that your body has been through months of changes and compensatory patterns that are not likely to disappear over night.

It is best to start from the beginning and I recommend care throughout pregnancy as it means that we can support you and the changes that your body undergoes as they happen, and allow you to be more comfortable. It also means that we can address any compensations that may have occurred before pregnancy (previous injuries, poor posture, desk work etc), and give you advice on how to avoid unnecessary stressors.