When is it safe to have acupuncture during pregnancy?

Answer by Camilla Fletcher, specialist in Acupuncture for children and adults in south west London.

Fortunately, it is completely safe to have acupuncture throughout pregnancy, when administered by a practitioner who has specialist training in obstetric acupuncture. It is therefore a great treatment for expectant Mums to use to tackle all kinds of pregnancy related issues such as nausea & vomiting, fatigue, heartburn, aches & pains and nasal congestion, to name but a few. Many people also seek acupuncture treatment towards the end of their pregnancy, to help prepare their body for birth. Another effective and popular tool for acupuncturists to use is Moxibustion therapy (a form of warm heat therapy), which is used to help encourage the baby to turn in the case of breach presentation.

During the first trimester, I usually recommend that patients have weekly treatments to support the growing foetus and relieve any of the typical tricky symptoms of pregnancy at this stage. Unless there are specific issues during the second trimester, monthly treatments are sufficient. Then from 34 weeks, we increase the treatments again to weekly in the run up to birth in order to fully support mum and baby in these crucial final weeks and to try to avoid medical induction.